Architectural Lighting Solutions

21Architectural lighting transforms structures and environments by innovative use of LED lighting solutions. Lighting should be as discrete as possible whilst maximizing their impact in achieving the designe’s and clients ambitions for the space and environment. This form of lighting can be applied to various areas, whether you wish to gently wash a feature wall with light, accentuate a particular area or set a mood. At Malisa Lighting we can advise and design to achieve the overall desired effect.

Lighting is an integral part of any building design, we thrive on creating bespoke lighting solutions and can adapt to any design requirements.

Lighting can alter the dynamics of any space, at Malisa Lighting we pride ourselves on our ability to source, design and supply lighting for any scenario. When it comes to architectural lighting solutions we have a vast catalogue of luminaires and profiles available to us.


This recessed aluminium profile system is suitable for surface mounted installation, suspended or recessed, normal or totally hidden. To be equipped with LED strips, allows a continuous and homogeneous light effect. With the 14mm slightly retracted satin polycarbonate diffuser, it determines a better aesthetic return.

This modular,extruded aluminium system for wall or ceiling applications is also available in a trimless recessed installation in plasterboard. Available in black, white or satin anodized aluminium finishes, the polycarbonate diffuser comes retracted. Connected with a remote power supply, it can be wired with LED strips with different power.

This Aluminium profile is designed for installation in a structural way in the intersections between the wall and ceiling. It is especially suitable for creating luminous beams along the walls or in general on the corner. It is available in a matt white finish and installed on plasterboard thickness 12.5mm.